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April 11, 2010
Nothing frosts the Left like the sight of Sarah Palin receiving adoration while earning a big pay day according to Dr. Paul Fick, the Doctor of Politics ( The latest example of Sarah Palin bashing was uttered by the previously unheard of California State Senator, Leland Yee, Ph.D. Dr. Yee earned his doctorate in psychology, not economics, as soon will become evident.
Yee’s website touts a lengthy list of legislative “accomplishments” (110 bills passed since 2003) including his bill to make California the first state to officially declare October as Filipino American History Month. Given California’s economic collapse under the leadership of Yee and his comrades, the image of Nero fiddling while Rome is burning comes to mind. 
Yee is ticked off because former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is contracted to serve as the guest of honor at California State University Stanislaus’ 50th Anniversary Gala in June. The black-tie event is a fundraiser and Palin is a big-time draw for a university in a remote part of the state.
Yee asserts his power as a legislator “requesting” that the university’s Foundation disclose the compensation package offered to Palin under the guise that funds used to pay her “exorbitant speaking fees” are inappropriate “at a time when students are struggling to afford an education at CSU.” Funny, I don’t recall Yee whining when CSU Fullerton held fundraisers featuring the Steve Miller Band, Reba McEntire, or Stevie Nicks.
Yee revealed the true motivation for his outrage when he said, “Money that is spent on bringing an out-of-touch former politician to campus could be spent on scholarships and other financial assistance during these challenging budget times.” Apparently Yee, who has helped create California’s massive deficit, lacks the understanding that people will pay good money to hear Palin speak thus enabling the Foundation to earn a profit and assist struggling students.
 The “out-of-touch politician” he refers to left Alaska in a great financial condition, similar to California’s heyday before Yee and his fellow Leftists spent it into oblivion. Rather than bash CSU Stanislaus and Sarah Palin, perhaps Yee and his fellow legislators could invite her to swing by Sacramento and give them a basic lesson in economics. Now, that would be worth the speaking fee.
Contact Dr. Paul Fick, psychologist, political author,and commentator at
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  1. April 17, 2010 9:47 pm

    Well Paul, it appears that Mr. Yee is falling right in line with the rest of the left wing fringe. They continue to bash Sarah Palin and make her out to be an idiot, when in truth they fear her. They know that most of middle America relates to her and that really drives them nuts.
    While Sarah is not my first pick as a Presidential contender, I do think she can continue to be a great asset to the GOP in spreading the conservative message, not to mention a being a great fund raiser. Plus, when Obama is calling her by name in speeches and interviews, you know she is really getting under his skin, which I feel is pretty thin!

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